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No Fixed Abode

About No Fixed Abode: No Fixed Abode are storytellers, bards in the truest sense. They paint images with music as deftly as Leonardo D Vinci did with an equal sense of innovation. No Fixed Abode are an Anglo/ Irish song writing combination comprising of vocalist Una Walsh and Guitarist Tony Dean.
With shades of Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush, Una’s voice is pure and unsullied by any commercialism or production restraints. Like the finest single malt Whisky their debut album Clearwater caresses your emotional taste buds, it releases deep aromas of love, death, and the grind of everyday life. It surprises you with faint aromas of joy and Just when you think you understand the flavour along comes the aftertaste……….anger and want.
Like moonshine sellers of old NFA have converted Hardened rock to folk festivals audiences into emotional nfa……..’olics.
NFA’s music is not just limited to the UK, over 100 radio stations worldwide are playing NFA songs, From the USA to Antarctica (apparently polar bears love them!) from the Philippines to Australia.
You can find NFA In the wonderful www dot world, www.freewebs.com/musicnfa as well as www.myspace.com/musicnfa
Their album Clearwater is available at www.cdbaby.com/cd/nofixedabode and you can listen to samples of all their songs at cdbaby. Youtube footage at

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