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About CANTALOOP: Cantaloop; Have just finished the I.C.H.I.L.E album with Gavin Monaghan (Editors, The Twang, Scott Matthews and Nizlopi). Its be a long time coming but when you hear tracks like "Brotherhood" with its blend of acoustic-funk, old skool deck-wreckin its back to future horns (The Horns of Plenty also smash the joint "Peace the Theme to Cantaloop") You know these guy’s might just be able to make funk/Hip Hop credible once more!…. But don’t get to comfortable cos just when you think you got it, they can ‘flip the script’, chillax (chill and relax) and drop some bittersweet vocal lines and earth moving Bass I.C.H.I.L.E is just that with its under line edge and social comment.
When Dannie Dee tells you in "Propa" that they are not your regular hip hoppers’. He’s not lying, there mix of hip-hop soul and funk on songs from the out and out funk of Psycho Stalker to the sucker punch that is Friendly Fire, this song is a band with its back up against the wall and they’re still flashing the vee’s and come out rockin. In the Frame will give you that warm sun touched Feeling.
And look out for the sneaky Fun Lovin Criminals remix of "Real thing". The family DiFontaine have cooked up a sure-fire club hot-footer! ".and the just finished FLC yard mix of Brotherhood.

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