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pelayo arrizabalaga

About pelayo arrizabalaga: Pelayo F.Arrizabalaga (Laredo -Spain-, 1949) Studies Fine Arts and Music in Madrid University in his youth with several exhibitions and prizes. In the late seventies he starts playing sax and clarinet in various Madrid''s Free Jazz formations, such as Orgon (first prize of the Jury at the San Sebastian Jazz Festival, 1981) or Jose Antonio Galicia Flamenco Jazz.
In 1985 he founds with Markus Breuss, the group Cl?nicos, one of the most important Spaniard experimental rock groups of the 80''s, with whom he records 4 CDs, tours through Spain and Europe (Four nations Jazz festival, Guiness Jazz Festival in Cork, Moers New Jazz Festival), and receives a price in Electronic Music (Roland-Rock de Lux)in 1993.
In 1993, he records "Galvana" with Victor Nubla and Jep Nuix,in 1998 "Electronic Works", in 1999 "Schweizer Kompositionen f?r Countertenor" Luis Alves da Silva, in 2001, "Pieza Giratoria" for Banda Municipal de Barcelona and "Cielo e infierno" for Experimentaclub,In 2007, he records "am(vr)ee" with Hildegard Kleeb. He has collaborated with musicians such as Malcolm Goldstein, Lloren? Barber, J.A.Galicia, David Thomas, Markus Breuss, Sergi Jord?,Victor Nubla, Cristina Casanova, Barre Phillips, , Roland Dahinden, Josep Maria Balany? and many other Spaniard artists.
Since 1993, he lives in Switzerland, where is guest composer at the electronic music Studio of the Basel Conservatoire, directed by Thomas Kessler, and frequently performs within the music scene (Wim Zug, Luigi Archetti, Hans Hassler, Jasch, Co Streiff, Hildegard Kleeb, Daniel Studer, etc.)

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