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Walter Morciglio music licensing store
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Walter Morciglio

About Walter Morciglio: Walter Morciglio’s career as a singer songwriter, studio guitarist, sound engineer album producer as well as con-
certs and show promoter.
Morciglio is a two-time Latin Grammy nominee for his String For Kids productions 2007-2008 where he also
serves as composer, arranger,
guitarist and sound engineer.
Since the year 2002 he has
participated in numerous al-
bums and compilations well
received and celebrated efforts
belonging to the always grow-
ing Puerto Rico’s independent
music scene. As a producer
his credits include such art-
ists as Roy Brown, Antonio
Cab?n Vale, Andy Monta?ez,
Chucho Avellanet, and Jos?
Saavedra among others.

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