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About Ode: Ode is an indie band that began in Chicago after brothers Davor and Robert Palos left Bosnia. The siblings fittingly dubbed their band Ode, meaning ‘to leave’ in their native Bosnian tongue. While playing music in the city Robert befriended pianist and accordion player Adis Sirbubalo. Soon after, drummer Daniel Crane and bassist Andrew Vogt joined the ensemble to complete the sound.

Ode's sound is a mixture of rock, folk, and world music. Certain pieces of the puzzle are indigenous to their Eastern European homeland but richly layered with heavy rhythmic elements and punctuated with deliberate pauses. The ensuing fusion is a trailblazing, energetic brand of Chicago rock music. Front man Davor’s roaring yet graceful voice cuts like anguish through a room. He has the ability to move an audience through haunting melodies and beautifully complicated, piercing lyrics.

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