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20 Minutes To Park

About 20 Minutes To Park: 20 Minutes To Park has given the term "acoustic duo" an all new meaning. Josh Gilmore and Mitch Strohm unite genuine passion, energy, and sincerity to produce a unique sound rarely heard in today's music marketplace. Through upbringings of country and blues, they strive to preserve their homestead sound and mingle it with melodic phrases.

Their debut album "Can't Stand Still", includes a span of influences ranging from classics like The Beatles and The Eagles to more recent artists like Ray LaMontagne and Ryan Adams. "Can't Stand Still" is filling in the gaps between today's over-produced and auto-tuned top 40 radio, and is a faultless suggestion of what 20 Minutes To Park is capable of doing in front of an audience.

With well over 100,000 miles of touring under their belts, 20 Minutes To Park has been spreading their music and building a devoted fan base nationwide.

2009 stands to be a promising year for 20 Minutes To Park. With their debut release in stores, a handful of tours in completion, and a solid amount of college radio play, they are now focusing on their next album. Mitch Strohm of the duo says, “We’re slowing it down a bit, really taking our time with the development of our music. A lot has happened in the last couple years, and we want to reflect those experiences through our songs. It’s easy to get burned-out in this industry, but we’re fighting the fire and preparing for our next big run at it.”

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