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Love in October

About Love in October: They say modern day Renaissance folk are simply multi-talented. For Love in October, The Musik Group's Minneapolis-based movers and shakers, they transcend what it means to have their fingers in a little bit of everything. Their debut full-length, Pontus, The Devil, and Me, is set to be unleashed January 22, 2008, and showcases LiO's ability to diversify all the subgenres found in pop.

"It doesn't bother me to say that we're a Swedish pop rock band," says frontman Erik Widman. "Actually it bothers me more to be called a 'band' because that limits you to the scope of music. I see LiO venturing into other artistic areas over the years. I want us to be known as creators, not musicians."

LiO brings more than music to the table, as the band dabbles in visual arts, constantly producing light-hearted short films, as well as elaborate music videos. With the acclaimed independent release of "A Day in the Life Of," the band has set the bar high for their next two music videos, currently in production.

Native Swedish brothers, Erik and Kent Widman, formed LiOin the summer of 2006 and quickly released a snappy six-song EP recorded by Ed Rose, which went on to receive national radio airplay and glowing reviews. The lineup has evolved over time and now also includes guitarist Charlie Abbott and drummer Chresten Hyde.

The name of the debut full-length album, Pontus, The Devil, and Me, was chosen to reflect the schizophrenic nature of the songs. "We noticed that there was a real contrast from song to song, and that they basically fell into three categories," says Erik. "A – songs that tell a story about somebody or something (Pontus); B – Fast angry dark songs reflecting the bipolar nature of humans (the devil); and personal songs (me)."

A myriad of songs comprise Pontus, The Devil, and Me, from poppy tracks about growing up in Sweden ("Circa 1989") to a chaotic instrumental melody of thought ("An Average Idea") to an ode to vagabond lovers ("Song 11").

The track "Vi G?r till Stranden" is completely in Swedish – a first for the band. "I like the fact that we can make a multilingual CD and get away with it. Not many bands can do that," says Erik. "I also like that only Swedish people can understand it. It's kind of nice to write something to someone, and it's all the more special when it's made just for them and no one else can understand it."

With Pontus, The Devil, and Me, LiO has painted the picture of life complete with love, sadness and the awkwardness that falls between.


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