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Smoky Lake

About Smoky Lake: Smoky Lake is a stoner/southern metal&rock band,which mixes it up with styls such as Melodic Thrash,Alternative and Grunge.
The band was formed in 2006,after a group of friend who have played in a lot of bands decided that this was the ultimate band to start.
Since then Smoky Lake was a succsess,both mainstreem and in the metal commuinty,preformed along side some of the biggest of the israeli bands,even in an international scale(Useless I.D)
The band have recorded a single called "Weed Break" and its due to be ready in the next couple of weeks.

Smoky Lake is:

Lev Indman-Vocals,Rythem/Lead Guitars
Vadim Feldman-Lead/Rythem Guitars
Roy Moses-Bass
Nick Striletz-Drums

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