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About Gyvai: Gyvai will catch the attention of those in favour of intelligent melodic rock riffs and emotional yet strong vocals.

An American living in Vilnius, Lithuania gets a phone call at his parents house. He's only been in Lithuania for about 6 months so he speaks very little Lithuanian. The voice on the other end speaks to him in Lithuanian and asks if he is a drummer. The American answers using one of the 3 or 4 words he knows "Taip" (meaning yes). The voice then asks if he wants to be in a band. He says again "Taip". Then the voice cautiuosly asks if the band could practice at his house. The american says "taip". And that is how Gyvai got its start in 2001.

As the band progressed, Josh, the American living in Lithuania, also progressed in his Lithuanian. awhile later, in an interview, the band was asked how they got their start, and the band says because Josh only knew how to answer yes to all of our questions :)

After almost 7 years together Gyvai have performed in churches and underground rock clubs with equal success. Several international alternative music awards won by the band further evidence that its appeal transcends the Lithuanian scene.

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