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Fierce Atmospheres

About Fierce Atmospheres: Started in March 2001, the songs that would be progressive power metal's answer to all that is done and has been redone were actually being written as far back as the summer of 1999. Eric J. Gosselin (Nasty Savage, Living Impaired) and Bryan Cameron (Whore of Babylon) were both looking to play in a progressive band and began crafting guitar parts in Austin, TX. After 7 years and countless line up changes(including former members of Nasty Savage and Death), Gosselin has revamped this act in the midwestern town of Champaign, IL. Recruiting local bass phenomenon Alex Martirano and still having members off in other places such as Portland, Maine based drummer Bruce O'Donal (Thought out Thought,Lowlife), Fierce Atmospheres is on the way to becoming what some reviewers have even said as a band that should be among the progressive metal greats. With a recording just wrapped up in Nashville produced by Grammy nominated Marc Neimiec; the band heads to Rochester, New Hampshire for additional tracking in the fall. Look for a release by FA in early 2008....

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