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Love Revue

About Love Revue: ''Love Revue'' were formed in 2007 when TV Actor/Singer/Songwriter Daniel Hart met James Eckhardt, keyboard player for The Kabbalah Band. Eckhardt''s Keyboard skills injected a new found energy in to Hart''s poetic arrangements. At a gig the two were playing at the Old Cashmere Club, Hart met Ron Carmel, 70''s sweetheart, turned manager. Carmel hooked Hart up with North London producer Joe Public and Hart and Public began work on their first album. Drummer Janith Perera and Bassist David Baker were spotted by Carmel at a benefit night at The Cobden Club. The Band was formed and named ''Love Revue'' a nod to the theme of many of their tunes, the difference between feeling, needing and showing love.

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