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About Karl Lost: Karl Lost first began listening to music at the age of 7 - "the first record I remember buying was [Streetsounds] Electro 1. Even though I was really young, I really got into that whole early electro scene." He first began producing music at 15 on a four-track tape deck which he had been secretly liberating from his school's music room every weekend until he fell ill one Monday morning and was unable to return it before classes began ("that was the very last time I was able to do that!")

Although Karl readily admits that the tracks he made in these early days were rudimentary and "somewhat embarrassing" he does acknowledge the fact that these weekend sessions taught him the basics of layering and track arrangement. Fast forward 11 years and the four-track has been replaced with the limitless capabilities of Abelton Live, Propellerheads Reason and the world of the VSTi.

"The tracks I make are focused the club scene. I love all styles of dance music from electro to trance to breaks and I combine elements from all of these across my productions."

Recently Karl has been venturing out to participate in nights such as Forever Young and the Electro House Parties hosted by Boomtic Records.

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