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About ubie: Ubie, a traveling hippy with a laptop, has been opening the eyes and ears of electronic music fans to his own brand of surrealist beats since 2001. Growing up in Connecticut, a mere hour drive from New York City, Ubie who is no stranger to D.I.Y., has been busy creating, recording and producing all styles of music since the early 90's. Through his continuous effort in finding the next best thing, Ubie's adventurous spirit and colorfull mannerisms surely blead into each track that he personnaly produces.

Having just released his third CD "The After Effect", Ubie is currently moving from Portland, Orogon and making Austin Texas, his new production headquarters. Filled with the inspirations and suprising consequences of hitchiking through the west, the road is now open for Ubie to spread his creativity to his fans. In contrast to the singer-songwriter focus found on Ubie's last CD, "The Learning Process", on "The After Effect", we find Ubie returning to the collage, electronic- fusion of "Looking Out The Window". While currently placing his musical emphasis towards studio recordings, Ubie is also keeping an eye out for musicians looking to collaborate for live performances.

Ubie is a one man music/art/core/ dream project that has been evolving since 1994 shortly after the break up of the punk/pop outfit called "Loafmeister". Early years playing guitar in punk/ indie bands like Loafmeister, Straight Forward, S.O.T, Get Shortie, and Misunderstood created the desire to make art with a more aggressive sensibility. After becoming fed up with the industry flooding of alternative/grunge bands, Ubie turned his creative spirit towards the acoustic guitar and began singing for the first time. Moving in and out of bands both in Washington D.C. and N.Y. caused more frustration then it was worth. This gave birth to a 3 cassette solo projoct called "Dropout". Here through the recording of these songs, during this era, Ubie found a new love in the production side of music, a love that has been carried with him to this day. Ubie then became interested in both dancing and listening to electronic music. It then became time to create the music that Ubie's heart yearned for, an inspirational form of surrealist collage art/core. After many years of being involved with traditional bands, the time has come for a new inspiration that connects both the organic warmth of acoustic instruments with the elecrtifying energy found in computer based rythems.

From 2001 to the presnt day Ubie has been recording both electronic and acoustic sounds as a solo act. With the new release of "The After Effect", and many more productions to follow, the ears of his fans will be continually filled with Ubie's colorful evolving portrayals for many years to come. While continuing to use a computer as his main creative outlet, the possibilities of endless movements and new directions are open to all fellow collaborators who choose through the stretching of ones own imaginations to give a call towards a welcomed connection. Ubie has spent the last 2 years wandering through festivals, brand new loves and unforgetable losses, with a suitcase of road education, Ubie is now relocating to Austin Texas where he will open his new public up to his ever changing waves of sound.

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