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About Kundara: Hey,
Im Amir Romano, (1987). Was born in Israel.
I’ve started with music production when i was 14.
2002 - started to work on Fruityloops software accidently on a friend’s computer. well, it was real fun.
2003- became a Reason user.
2004 - started to work on Cubase SX and discovered the world of VSTs.
quickly this hobby became more serious and addictive. I’m keeping up with 1-3 tracks per month, non stop since that day with the Fruityloops.

Untill 2003 I’ve created club trance and shit like that. From then till now i’ve sculped my style to freestyle-electronic music. My music is a complete stream from my brain to the program, no money fector, just fun.

Now (5.2008) my album is complete, freestyle-electronic, with breakbeat, I really donno the style, so decide it yourself. Some of the tracks are featuring my friend’s voice, Ziv Tsitrin (Tzatroff), some only me, some only him, A track with Kobi Ashkenazi (skill low power) and the Intro, and a track with Avihai Einy (Sorcerers man) there he plays the guitar and voice parts. The music is recorded in my studio (my messy room) mostly 2 days of working on the music and one day working on vocal and mixing and shit.

I hope you’ll have fun with it, just like me working on it.

have fun!
Kun :D

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