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The Never

About The Never: The Never started as an art project. Some sort of art project with intricate set pieces and a live rock band. It was in fact the final product of a semester-long art project chosen by then North Carolina School of the Arts student Noah Smith and friend Ari Picker. The boys were so happy with the project that they continued playing in the band and writing songs. This was the beginning of a very prolific couple. They got friends to fill out the rest of the band and called themselves the B-Sides. With unnatural quickness, they recieved considerable regional success that soon spread to the whole of the east coast, playing shows all over and selling lots of their independently released album, Yes, Indeed, the B-Sides, Quite, which was somehow both their first album and their greatest hits compilation. After years as the B-Sides, the band lineup was shaken up a bit. The core of Smith and Picker remained, and Jonny and Joah Tunnell of Vibrant Green stepped in on drums and bass, respectively. This seemingly new band chose to rename themselves The Never and that's what they call themselves nowadays.

The Never's music reflects an obvious songwriting chemistry between Smith and Picker, who have played together for years and can certainly be described as complimentary musicians. The influence of classic rock and even glam rock is apparent, but the most striking aspect of the Never's music is the ability to interestingly convey what many plainly classify as "pop rock". The Never are able to take the melody, the oohs and aahs and the energy that we are familiar with through pop music, and present it in a manner that is substantial, original and challenging. The Never have released a lot of music independent of Trekky, but we are honored and thrilled to welcome them to the family and release their juggernaut of a media project: Antarctica.

Antarctica is a new album by the Never composed of what is undoubtedly their most ambitious and mature work to date. Whats more, Antarctica the album is paired with a fully illustrated storybook which tells the story that the songs are based on. Its a complex tale of innocence, fantasy, environmentalism, witches, bombs and snow. All sorts of things. It connects to you in a way that only your favorite stories from your childhood can. However, this project is in no way exclusively for children. It is one of those magical pieces of work that can transcend age and be appreciated by all. All of the illustrations and words in the book are by Noah Smith. If you are interested in joining the official Antarctica street team, to help promote the project, send an email to Trekky with the subject "street team" and we will contact you about application.

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