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Vibrant Green

About Vibrant Green: Vibrant Green was formed in 1995 by three brothers, Jonny, Joah, and Stephen Tunnell in the small coastal town of Swan Quarter, NC. The three moved to Pittsboro, NC in 1999, drawn to the flourishing musical environment of the area. The band self-released their self-titled debut in 2000 and created a healthy buzz in the Chapel Hill-Durham scene. Stephen's contrast of powerful wailing and introspective murmurs adapt well to both the intense clamor of the band's rocks songs as well as the hushed radiance of their acoustic work. In the summer of 2001, Vibrant Green began work on their sophomore effort at Overdub Lane in Durham with producer John Plymale (Superchunk, Squirrell Nut Zippers). During the course of recording, complications forced the band to take a hiatus. Jonny left the band and joined The Never on drums in the winter of 2002. During the nearly year-long hiatus, Joah joined The Never as well. He also recorded his debut solo EP, After the Party, for Trekky's infamous Singer/Songwriter Series. Stephen spent the time off producing records for Trekky fellows Westfalia and the Beauregards as well as continuing work on his solo career, still operating under the name Vibrant Green. Joah and Stephen reunited in August of 2003 and began playing shows again. In the Summer of 2005, the three Tunnells finally joined together to finish what they started four years earlier. Vibrant Green's second album, Artless Yet Excellent was released on Trekky Records on January 24, 2006.

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