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About FERNANDO MICELI: Fernando Miceli belongs to the Tango performers who's aim is the symbiosis between the traditional tango spirit and an up to date interpretation.

With the release of his new CD "Tango de Raiz" (CD of the month - may 2006- by the magazine ECOS Spotlight) makes the singer-songwriter from Buenos Aires a new step towards the diffusion of the currently tango trend.
His songs - music and text are on his own - have a very personal note beyond the classical tango standards.

Fernando Miceli creates a music of a subtil and innovative nature, preserving at the same time the soul, the rawness and the sincerity of tango.

Performaces at the most important venues of Europe and Argentina and the enthusiastic critics of the press back his challenge as a renovator of the tango music.

Experience this modern bridge to the roots!

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