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Waiting For Jimmy

About Waiting For Jimmy: Waiting For Jimmy was originally started in Dec 2002 in O'fallon, Il. First going by the name "The Insignificant Others". In March 2003 they were introduced to Tim Convy from the St Louis band Ludo, who suggested they changed their name, so after talking it over "Waiting For Jimmy" was decided on by the two founding members Jada Ryan Grindstaff and Bill Kaus. Jimmy was the drummer at the time, who would sometimes come and sometimes not. The name just seemed to fit the story. After playing for a year, they opened for Ludo's first full band concert at their CD release party at Cicero's. In 2003 WFJ playing shows in Columbia, Mo., St louis, Mo, and The University of Notre Dame. Not to mention playing original music in the southern Illinois cover band bar scene. After two years of playing together, Jada Ryan joined the U S Army to be a paratrooper in the 82nd ABN DIV. 3 years and a deployment to Iraq later, and Jada Ryan was stationed at Ft Campbell, KY, only 3 hours from St Louis. After being asked by a promoter to do a Battle of the bands in Dec 2007, Jada asked Bill if he wanted to do a "small" show, not telling him about the battle. Bill agreed, and they sought out to find a drummer. Jada asked an old high school friend Tim Blaylock if he would want to play a small show and he agreed. Tim had never been on stage. Both Tim and Bill were upset when they found out that it was a battle of the bands. So on Dec 16th 2007, waiting for jimmy was accidentally re created to what it is today. They went on to win the battle, and the finals in Feb, winning studio time and a submission to a major label. In January 2008 they teamed up with David Beeman, who toured as the sound man for The Cold War Kids, to work on their first studio album. Using the internet and word of mouth, the WFJ fanbase has grown significantly in the past six months. Their shows are energetic and down to earth, and they are often called "the anti-rockstars". They became the first band to play Jerzey's and o'fallon, il bar that has been a local fixture for over six years. WFJ opened for The Saps, named by spin magazine as one of Chicago's top 10 bands. They have headlined FUBAR, St Louis' newest premiere music venue and they continue to play anywhere at anytime possible. Their music is a mellow blend of two acoustic guitars, seemless vocal harmonies, and well placed percussion. Occasionally Tim will leave his drum kit and add some keys, just to change it up. A lot of the connection for people with WFJ has been the lyrics of their songs, focusing on everyday life and situation that are easy to indentify with. Jada often writes about the midwest, with crowd favorites like "Leave St Louis" and "159" that is named after a highway that runs through Southern Illinois. Sound comparisons are various, ranging from a stripped down Counting Crows to early Wilco. Some say O.A.R. and there have been a few comparison to Dave Matthews. Regardless of how people compare or catagorize WFJ, everyone seems to agree that there isn't much like them in the STL music scene.

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