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About AcidMan: My name is Gianfranco Carone. I was born in Taranto (Italy) on January, 26th 1969. Since the early 1980's I was fascinated by Electronica and New Wave.

In '96, after sending many demos, my first CD was finally released: "Pin Dream", a fusion of techno music that quotes the melody from Pinocchio's fable.(Bliss Co. by Torino)

In '97, my first commercial dance record was released, titled "One Dream: Love me forever" by Worldbus. (Bliss Co. by Turin)

In the heat of year 2000 summer, tracks of mine were included in two Dance commercial records by Expanded Music of Bologna. The first record is called Sonic V, and includes three versions of my track "More and More", while the second record is called Moonray, and features three versions of "Walking in the sunshine".

In 2001, three of my dance remix tracks were released on the television event of the year "Lollipop" on "Italia 1" where five girls won the possibility to produce a POP CD after competing with hundreds of other girls!!!! The tracks "Down down down", "When the rain", "This is the Reason" were included in a two-disc album, and at the same time "Down down down" was released as a single. (Wea-Universal)

Towards the end of 2002, a CD with my tracks was released with 21 techno and dance tracks called Dance for Television.

In 2005 I made a remix (never edited) of a beautiful song by Hans Diener with the new sounds of electro-music machines. A great collaboration between the wonderful voice of Hans Diener (''The Essence'' new wave band of '80 years) and Gianfranco Carone.

In 2006 I began a new electro-project with Fabio Todaro (voice) called : '' INFOMATIKA ''. A retr? record that takes listeners back to the '80s of electro-pop, while blending such sounds with the newest technology of today's electronic music !

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