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Auditory Sculpture music licensing store
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Auditory Sculpture

About Auditory Sculpture: Keith Schreiner (Auditory Sculpture) refuses to be pinned down by genre's or titles. under the guise of auditory sculpture he has released 4 solo albums ranging from ambient to gabba to drum n bass and all genre's in between. He constantly challenges his audience and dancefloors to expect more than just the thump thump.

Auditory Sculpture started 10 years ago but it was not until his relocation to the west coast, Portland Oregon to be exact that it got really interesting, when he started the west coast trip hop sensation Dahlia. For 6 years Dahlia toured up and down and all around the western united states and held down a 6 year residency at the Ohm nightclub in Portland.

Auditory Sculpture shared the stage with the likes of Banco de Gaia, Andy Smith(of Portishead fame), David J of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets, Juno Reactor, the Orb and dj Chebbi Sabbah, and many others. While in Dahlia he also released 3 solo records, was hired to do session work with Sheryl Crow for the Bridget Jones diary soundtrack and scored the award winning film "Occularist" for film maker Vance Malone. That score was nominated for best score at the Seattle International Film Festival, all while holding down 2 residencies at the tiger bar in Portland. He was also asked back to work for Sheryl Crow again for her last record and worked on the songs "Soak Up the Sun" and "Your an Original".

For the past 3 years Auditory Sculpture has been mainly a music licensing house and a studio where Keith works on remixes, music for film and television, session work, and producing other artists. He also lent his production skills to singer-songwriters Nicole Campbell and hush recording artist Corrina Repp and produced full length albums for both artists. For those lucky enough to live in PDX, Auditory Sculpture can be seen every thursday night at the East China town lounge.

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