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Cool Ceili music licensing store
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Cool Ceili

About Cool Ceili: In Ireland, the world "Ceili" has wide connotations. "Will you come for a ceili?" often means will you come over and have a chat and a cup of tea (or something stronger) and enjoy the company of neighbours and friends. The warmth of real Irish hospitality, the sharing of stories, memories, gossip, jokes and good fun are to this day an irreplaceable life force. Songs, poems and dance music played on the fiddle, flute or accordion are essential ingredients for ceili.

More than half the tunes on "COOL CEILI" are new compositions which embrace a wide variety of musical influences: Irish lilting, Scottish and Irish folk songs, Scottish pipe band music, classical, country, set dance and club dance music. Modern intstruments including slide guitar, bass guitar, side drums, kit drums, congas, push the boundaries of traditional Irish music toward an entirely new world hybrid.

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