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About Galdson: Ever since I took my first steps in the music world, I have always had a penchant for composition. Whether this was due to not wanting to make the effort to read sheet music, or to a non-conformist spirit leading me to seek new richness of tone and emotions which I couldn't find in the studios, I don't know.

At the beginning, I produced very simple works which simply occupied part of my time. With time, and thanks to the musical and technical knowledge acquired in my studies, I started making richer and more complex arrangements, in which I invested ever more time and effort and which I enjoyed more and more every day. Composing became a part of my love for music. I could not conceive music without creating my own works, and that's how the tracks which have given rise to my first album were born.

I was born in Spain in 1977 and took up the piano at the age of 10, under Maruxa Lema's supervision. After studying independently for five years, I joined Vivero conservatory of music, where I consolidated my studies with the teacher Elo?sa P?rez, who encouraged me to continue in the music world.

Following one year at the conservatory, I moved to Coru?a to start studying for the primary school teacher specialisation. I combined my music training in Coru?a conservatory with my university studies. I studied under the teacher Elena Segura, a fundamental mainstay of my training, for five years, and obtained my professional pianist qualification. I currently live in Ortigueira,..

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