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Jesus Calderon music licensing store
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Jesus Calderon

About Jesus Calderon: Jes?s Calder?n is a young film composer from Spain. He is influenced by classical music, film music and modern electronic sounds.
He has studied harmony and piano in conservatories, and this influence is constant in his music. On the other hand, due to his wide musical tastes and imagination, he hasn’t become yet another music student without creativity.
He started composing music more that 10 years ago. Since then, his music has been changing gradually from electronic to symphonic music.
He has recorded several CDs with original music, described by people from around the world like “very visual”, “highly inspired”, “encompasing, smooth and gentle style”, “emotional and passional”, etc.
Today Jes?s has a personal studio based on high quality multisampled libraries, and he’s composing many soundtracks for film makers from several countries.

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