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About buttonfly: it was too hot to sleep, and too noisy besides. the boy, clad in his favorite rocket ship pyjamas & barefoot, crept out of bed & sat on the third stair in shadow & peered through the wooden bannister, saw glasses raised through clouds of exhaled smoke, felt the hum of mingled voices in his small chest, a hum punctuated by his father's deep laugh & he smelled the too-sweet breath of the adults who squeezed by & then he saw his mother set the hors d'oeuvres tray down, heard the click-click of her heels on each step, felt her tousle his damp sweaty hair, saw her purse her red red lips, she whispered something he could not quite make out, but he trudged back to his bed, his one lipsticked cheek touched the pillow and he fell asleep. it was july 1979. another hot drambuie night.

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