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About Bernie: Bernie…
I am 23 years of age and a graduate of the University of Ghana, Legon.
I’ve been a church boy from childhood, was in the Mt. Zion Methodist church and joined the Lighthouse chapel in the middle of junior secondary school. I attended the best schools from Merton Montessori through the Accra Ridge church school, through to Akosombo International School where I built my flair and fluency for the English language and writing abilities. I discovered my passion for music immediately I entered secondary school; was an “all-rounder” and learnt all the musical parts and could easily shift from one part to another. Later I got an interest in the piano which I learnt also in school. Through a space of three years, I was able to route my self in the piano after which I went a step further to learn computerized music programming by the help of my brother, U-beatz, a renowned sound engineer and music programmer. By the middle of Vas, I was a sly and creative programmer with a sound mix. My style of programming basically came from my environment and what I heard most of the time.
Revolutionary gospel music has been my style since I first heard of Kirk Franklin. He got me all mesmerized with his favorite ‘stomp’ hit and some other songs which rocked the world.
My first Album, ‘Jesus Fanatic’ was a basic reflection of who I was inside. Outwardly, people see me as quiet, reserved and phlegmatic, but it was mostly because I had nobody to relate to. I however find peace with worship and cool gospel songs but can get real jumpy when in a very good mood. I basically write in English because I understand it better than my local language; however I’m making a come-back with Twi and Ga songs.
The future looks bright before me for God is on my side and the world is also getting more global, meaning Ghanaians are being familiarized with contemporary gospel music. I hope to make it into the global music world and to be known as one of the greatest of all time.

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