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Lush Logic

About Lush Logic: A Tale of Two Lives…
Lush Logic (aka Jake Scarbrough) spent the last 5 years living a double life (the underground musician vs. the corporate citizen). While continually honing his skills as a musician and producer, working on his music at every opportunity, he was also climbing the ladder as a marketing professional in corporate America.
Jake explains it best… "Many musicians have other jobs to support themselves like waiting tables or tending bar. Instead of that I decided to slog it out in the corporate world for a while. I was very fortunate to get to fly all over the world for work, and those experiences are directly reflected in my music. I was that guy on the plane with his laptop out and headphones on cranking out beats, basslines, and melodies while everyone else was watching movies, working or sleeping. I found a lot of musical inspiration on airplanes with all the different types of people, styles, and varying moods."
In the spring of 2006 Jake left the corporate world behind to focus on music full time, bringing with him 5 years worth of material which became the basis for the Funky Down Tronic album.

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