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About nAX_acid: Andrea Riffuni aka nAx_acid was born in Torino the 27th of April 1982. He started to play music very young, introduced to it by his parents, his first instrument was a classical guitar. Until the age of 13 he studied guitar.At the age of 15, for the first time he came in contact with electronic music.
The “Classics” of Aphex Twin was the record that changed his life. In fact after listening to this he started to collect vinyl of every kind of music, from hardcore to ambient. He started his carrier as a dj in Torino playing hardtekno and hardcore. When he was 19-20 he moved for a short time to Rome where he met Hekate sound system, well known in London for its experimental music. Then with his crew (TM Marco and some other friends) he started his own sound system (Trouble Makers), and started to do parties in Torino.
In the meantime he was studying sound engineering at “Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale” of Saluzzo. In this period he became addicted to vintage synthesiser and analogue music. He started to produce music looking for his own perfect sound. When he finished studying sound engineering, he moved to Rome to work.
First as unpaid trainee at Forum Music Village, one of the biggest studios in the city, where also Ennio Morricone was recording his orchestras. The he started working at Caf? Renualt as live sound engineer at jazz concerts helping his friend Tonico 70. In this period he never stopped producing music. Here he met the producer of the well known label Elettronica Romana that made him love minimal and techno. He also worked as a dj at Linux Club, where he was resident once a month, playing with The MFA and Sergeant and Christofer Spero. The first time he met them in their shop in Soho, now closed.
They became friends and Nax_acid was included in the project “Disappear Here” for their own sub label Glimpse, with the track “613”. In the meantime he continued to play techno, hardcore and experimental at squat parties. He then started to be interested in something more than just electronic music, so 6 months ago he started to study Sonic Arts, to push his madness for experimentation to the limit, and to find new ways in the creation of sounds. He has a huge collection of vinyl including every kind of music.

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