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Ramantik music licensing store
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About Ramantik: Bouncy beats, funky rhytms, virtuoso guitars & space-age keyboards are just some of the reasons why Q*Ball has become one of the most talked about & unique independent artists out there.

Q*Ball music is accessible to fans of mainstream pop & alternative music, but also has an audience in the underground DJ scene - having drawn comparison with everyone from They Might Be Giants to Moby to Duran Duran.

Q*Ball music has been featured on MTV's Road to Rules, The Real World, The Osbournes, RWRR Battle of the Sexes & Making the Band; in the indie film, Nine Lives; on Red Bull's Extreme Sport DVDs; on Chicago's Upscale TV.

Live, Q*Ball has performed with an eclectic group of musicians, including Gavin DeGraw & Mya.

Check him out & help him buy a hat.

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