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Sam Diamante

About Sam Diamante: Sam Diamante combines the ethic of minimal techno with his own aesthetic to create a very convincing collection of harsh electronic landscapes.
A simple rhythm kicks its way obliquely into an intricate, furious flow of tactile pungent chunks, alternated occasionally with beatless ambience.
He progressively adds substance to the beat and fills up the rest of the sonic space with microscopic elements, so the pieces gain density and abrasive vigour.
The complex glitched up electronica, the digital 4/4 beats and sparse rhythmic screens hide dense, meticulously layered soundscapes of casual sounds, which coagulate into brittle melodies and repetitive reversed motifs.
Christian Longo aka “slad”, now aka Sam Diamante, is an italian electronic music producer, born in Genoa, in the year 1977, who began making electronic music in the 90's.
At first he concentrated on working with sounds other than those produced by traditional musical instruments, removing them from their original context. Later on, he found it was possible to remove the familiarity of musical instrument sounds and abstract them further through various techniques. In 1999 he started the first independent netlabel in Genoa for his own enjoyment, the “santopalatomusicresearch”.

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