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About Shiner22: People say about them:
Their latest CD, MINT, is replete with snappy power pop featuring some delightful eccentricities.
David Bash, IPO Chief.

The entire album screams retro power-pop. "Pollution Gnome" is reminiscent of Supertramp and Queen while "Cupid's Lunatic Park" and "You're All I Want" have a Jellyfish-like feel. Shiner 22 have a propensity for unique and ear-catching intros, such as the chanting in "Holy Guide" and video game effects of "Do the Retro". Their cover of "99 Luftballoons" is worth the purchase price alone; we were floor and chair dancing respectively.
Kimmie and Cristy, Score! Magazine

Lovely 60's Beatles and a little 70's Supertramp/Queen-like meeting 90's britpop = Shiner22
Sune Schack - Blue Desert

Everything is very consistent, and there is a good character to the record (MINT) as a whole. Very good work.
Fran Ashcroft – Producer

I just found the Shiner 22 site and I’m so happy I did. I want to tell you how much love your very catchy songs, all extremely well sung and played. Great hooks, vocals, songwriting…the works! Just the kind of thing my listeners and readers crave. The chorus of “How Many” is about as infectious as a pop song gets these days. That section with the repeating of the phrase “many more times” is just spectacular all around—great harmonies! This is a hit song if ever there was one! “Pollution Gnome” is another catchy treasure, with diverse instrumentation and a hook that draws the listener in big time! Another very catchy chorus! I found myself snapping my fingers along with this one. And those electric guitars are so good… “Whole New World” is a marvel, with another one of your signature catchy choruses. Great vocals, too! “You’re All I Want” is a wonderful, propulsive power pop song, with cool, crunchy guitars. Just terrific.
Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio Host

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