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Tolera Storm music licensing store
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Tolera Storm

About Tolera Storm: Tolera Storm is a collection of works by world-class musicians tastefully arranged over modern and traditional dance beats and rhythms. David Lawell, the project's creator, started recording seriously nearly five years ago - completing two full unreleased albums prior to the launch of his self-titled album, Tolera Storm. David is the talent magnet, recording engineer, producer, and player in the project. Currently residing in Austin, Texas, he has plans to finish the next album on the big island of Hawaii and return to Austin to assemble musicians and take the act live into the remote and not so remote corners of the world. Among the musical talents on this current album one finds influences spanning from Indonesia to Ancient Persia to deep Africa and Australia. A musical tour of a world we have known and one we have not even experienced yet.

Some of the musicians currently involved include Persian vocalist Mohammad Firoozi (Atash, The Gypsies, www.atash.net); Jason McKenzie (Atash) on tablas, kit drum, and kanjira; Brad Houser (Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians, Critters Buggin', and Maimou) on bass guitar and alto sax; Javanese opera singer Holly Johnson; Laura Scarborough on Piano (The Laura Scarborough Project, Lila's Medecine, laurascarborough.com); Joey Santori on sitar, saz, and dumbek (Oliver Rajamani, Burnr, The Alpha Rhythm, seedknowledge.com); and David Lawell on didgeridoo, vocals, beat master and engineer (Burnr, Cielo, tolerastorm.com) The Tolera Storm project is an ambitious musical endeavor bearing tonal gifts for all that are involved.

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