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About WhiteRoom: At the core of the band WhiteRoom is the duo of Alex Dray and Eddy Silva, who started playing together during high school in Montreal, Canada. The pair drifted in and out of bands on the Montreal scene, trying out various musical directions and influences.
Five years later, bunkered within their own basement-recording studio, they gave birth to Whiteroom.
Dray and Silva invited in musicians, including horn and string players and a classical guitarist. They blended those instruments and a range of inventive synthetic textures and sound design into more rock-oriented rhythm tracks. The result? A sound that they call “neoromantic pop,” which is described on the band's Web site as indie rock that drifts “fluidly between Latin jazz, urban beats, haunting trip-hop, and romantic cinema soundscapes.”
In a rare show of creative unification, the group draws on everything and anything within reach, breathing musical life into laptop screens and synthesizers as easily as into acoustic guitars and upright pianos. With a firm grasp of classic song-writing at its base, each song is infused with a quiet sense of dream-like storytelling.
Right now: WhiteRoom finds itself emerging as a clear voice to the guerrilla DIY rise of next-generation composers. With their roots anchored healthily in the nurturing Montreal music scene, they are ready to branch out all over the networks of the world.

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