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About Search/Rescue: Search/Rescue could easily sell themselves as a super-group. Formed from the dissolution of Gatsbys American Dream and Acceptance, the group has already had more than it’s share of experience, fame, disillusionment and heartbreak. But the young Seattle group has chosen a different path: They’re building this band from scratch. Instead of cashing-in on their status as genre heroes in the progressive pop-punk scene, they reexamined their reasons for playing music, and distilled the contents of their record collections into a crystalline
new sound.
With nods to to the glimmering beauty of bands like Keane, Snow Patrol and Coldplay, Search/Rescue reveal themselves to be a true product of the Pacific Northwest’s rich independent
music culture. The restrained passion of singer Ryan VanWieringen’s voice recalls the timber of early Death Cab for Cutie and the concise melodies and imagery of songs like Fireflies reveals a deep affection for the singer/songwriter grace of Elliot Smith.

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