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The Wolfman

About The Wolfman: Born in Germany in 1957, he played flute and sax from the age of fourteen. The Wolfman was in many different bands in Germany (Odds and Ends, Bullshit Band, Chiko, Euft). He also studied film and television, and directed and taught video production in Cologne, Germany. He directed about 25 video documentaries during a period of 5 years. In 1982 he moved to Holland, and started the "Wolf-Gang", and released 5 CD's with that band. In 1992 he moved to Australia, where he continued to produce music. He was in many different bands in Australia (Dread Affair, Trudi Aspelling Band, Psycho- Boneheadz, Bound for Pleasure) and did a lot of studio recording work with many different artists. He also played live with a DJ and bass player at parties and clubs. In Febuary 2005, he released the New Age CD "Flute of the Pacific".

He has continued to produce and direct video clips, as well as serve as musical director for many films. He has recently recorded a new album with a funk band called Quadrophonic Soundsystem, and is playing with the rock bands G-World and Jerome Smith & Ronimo.

The Wolfman produced the opening ceremony for the Earthdance Festival in Melbourne in September 2006, then relocated to Sydney, where he shot and edited a new video clip and released the new CD "Why I Wonder". He also plays in another band called "The Lone Wolf".

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