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Heir to Madness music licensing store
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Heir to Madness

About Heir to Madness: Al & Judy desperately wanted another child. However a horrific combine accident in Western Kansas had left them unable to accomplish this task. When just about to give up, Judy was visited by an angel of the Lord.....OK, it was the Federal Bureau of Robots Instead of Children, or the FBRIC (pronounced fib-rick). An 11 year aged Humanoid Robot was leased to them for 16 dollars a month. However something went inexplicably wrong! Instead of a soul, an unquenchable thirst for the creation of mind shattering music was installed. No refund was possible.

Jay. He is one music making bad ass iron fisted ruler of the new world order soul searching guitar shredding slave emancipating bridge crossing apple cart tipping muther fucking genius. Hide the kids.

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