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decoding jesus

About decoding jesus: Created in 1996 by Edgar L. Montiel, Decoding Jesus is an electronic act the flows in the conduits of Electronica and have created there own genre called Electro-Alternative. After a few months of performing live around local clubs and raves, Decoding Jesus was discovered by the late Terrance Brown, who managed great artist like Cause & Effect, Sylvester and others, signed Decoding Jesus to his record label Megatone Records. Releasing several singles under different names, Decoding Jesus took on the task of exclusively re-mixing the Megatone Records catalog. Not long after this, Decoding Jesus was elected into the ASCAP family and started there own music publishing company by the name of Decoding Jesus Music. After the death of Terrance Brown, Megatone Records was put to rest and there catalog sold to different executives within the music industry. With this tragedy, Decoding Jesus had to venture out once again for a record company that would represent and distribute there work. Building a good network of friends and people in the music industry, it was not long before Decoding Jesus would capture other top notch music executive’s auditory sense. Brian Pareda, president of Cleopatra Records, offered Decoding Jesus a non-exclusive record deal to produce what they do best!! Besides their original work, Decoding Jesus’ sound has been requested for multiple remix productions including Missing Persons ; Santana; Bob Marley; Tavares; Moby and other great artist, Decoding Jesus‘ work has been well received and licensed by other electronic labels such as Golden Lane Records and Hypnotic Records which landed them a deal to release two cds of Trance-mix music as DJs (This is Rave 5, and This is Trance 3.0). With the popularity of these releases , Decoding Jesus took there skills, not only as producers of electronic music, but also as DJ’s out to the club scenes from all over the world! Their shows are known for their sensory cutting edge, 3D BEATS! One has to experience a Decoding Jesus live show in order to say that their sound is truly hypnotic and unforgettable. In 2006, Decoding Jesus landed a distribution deal after there independent establishment of there own record label, Let’s Beat Milo Records. Decoding Jesus’ future looks busy and like always productive in this industry that supplies the listeners with great music! Decoding Jesus plans to leave a footprint on the music industry as one of a few good electronic acts to be known world wide and to set an example to young striving electronic artist that have dreams; “Music must start in the mind in order for it to become a reality, a hit reality that is!”

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