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About LS: Lord Streets or better known as LS, was Born Lawrence Clark to Barbara Jane Thomas on June 30, 1981 in Tampa, Florida at Tampa General Hospital. Growing up in East Tampa in the areas known as Nuccio, 43rd and 40th and Hillsborough ave. LS was educated in the Hillsborough County school system. Where in Jr. and middle school he would make small mixtapes and hand them out. In elementary school he would get request of people wanting to hear him rap, and even though back then he didn’t have much in way of clothes or shoes he was still arrogant, and would showcase right in front of them earning him the nickname “The Beast” because of his undying flow and witty personality. Throughout his younger years music became a tool of expression, and an outlet for anger seeing some of the things that he saw growing up would corrupt any mind and take its toll on the strongest person, but his demeanor and attitude is not that of any other individual. “”He will not be denied, he will not falter, he is second to none””

LS became in love with the presence and the whole reality of hip hop. At an early age listening artist such as Rakim, Nas, Outkast, Too Short, Run-DMC and more. Nothing could come between the path of his works to succeed these artist and there accomplishments. However, in a hard press south music market back in the early 90’s if your record didn’t break in a strip club you got no play, and seeing how he was a teenager that was hard to do" but thank god for the late 90’s where tides started to turn and ball is still rolling downhill, LS is now poised to make his mark no one shall stand in his way.

What happened to Hip Hop? It’s alive and well living in the south. LS is one of the few real hip hop lyricists left in Hip Hop. His versatility is evident with his numerous types of tracks, he something for everyone. He can make you cry, think, bounce, he has the hood tracks, baby makers in short LS is a well rounded emcee constantly working and grinding and is currently working on album titled, "Man of tha Year" due out 2007.

Also, be on the look out for the mixtapes, Streets and Turn present: The MIA tape, and Buckkets Full produced by Mic Buckkets which will both be out around mid spring or early summer. The mixtape will include hot tracks, such as “So South”, "Feel so Good", "Five on it 2007", "Very Major" and many more.

Lord Streets has a line up of artists who are focused on the same goal. With an emcee by the name of turnthepage from San Jose, CA they are works trying to form a unsigned indie label 9 Yards Regime, Which will feature some of the hottest talent around. LS is defiantly a beast, seeing that there is no stop in him, he will succeed at all cost, “ LS is full circle now and he’s gonna ride to the wheels fall off”.

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