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About DjayPee: Welcome to a universe full of mysticism and creative light, bringing electronic music far beyond the boundaries of Lounge and World Beat.

DjayPee is a French artist who, in the mid-Nineties, fell in love with South East Asia and its mystic wonders, finding his muse in a part of the world where sunshine and smiles greet him every day.

He gladly allows himself to become immersed in this rich, varied culture, absorbing inspiration from every direction, in turn inspiring his followers with refreshing, universal, East-meets-West music.

DjayPee produces tracks in his Kuala Lumpur studio, reworking melodies and samples recorded on his globe-hops to create unique fusions, citing Moby, Enigma, Jean-Michel Jarre, Deep Forest, BT and Ruychi Sakamoto, to name a few, as influences, alongside the many talented local musicians of the contemporary South East.

The result is award-winning compositions such as “The Roses of Ispahan”, “I Feel Love”, and the magical “Geisha”.


• In 2007, “Geisha” was chosen as the theme song for a Japanese documentary about migrating children, “The Little Travellers”, as well as for an ad for Nikko Hotels.
• In 2008, the short film “Goat”, with its music composed entirely by DjayPee, won the prestigious People’s Choice Award at the BMW Shorties competition, a prestigious incentive sponsored by BMW Malaysia.
• In 2006, DjayPee won Best Composition from Malaysia at Music Aid for “Geisha”, and in 2007, the same song was also an Independent Music Awards finalist in the World Fusion category.
• “I Feel Love” is praised for its fresh appeal by Santana vocalist Tony Lindsay.


• A CD of fourteen DjayPee compositions was distributed to the gala party guests of the IndoChine Festival 2006, in Singapore.
• Geisha is included in the Canadian “Music for Coffee Beings” compilation, Volume II.
• “Let the People Dance” is featured in the “Animal House” compilation, released by Urban Angel Music Ltd., 2008.
• DjayPee’s house remixes of Beyonc?’s “One Night Only” and Gwen Stefani’s “The Sweet Escape” are staples of South East Asian discotheques.


• DjayPee releases his two CDs Lounge and Tempo on 25th August 2008, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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