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Claire Seabrook music licensing store
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Claire Seabrook

About Claire Seabrook: Claire Seabrook is an accomplished guitarist, Vocalist and singer/songwriter who was known in her early teens as the frontwoman for the rock band ‘Anarkasiem’. She cut her teeth in the small but thriving Hobart music scene performing a variety of styles in many different bands, ranging from anywhere in the spectrum from metal to acoustic. This has helped her with her current studies in recording and producing a claire has an unbiased ear to many styles!

One of the first ever songs she wrote, Cartoon heroes, received airplay on Tasmania’s community radio, Edge Radio and was shortlisted in the youth ASA songwriting competition in 2004.

Claire has played numerous venues as a solo performer as well as festivals (2005/6 Falls Marion Bay APRA stage). She has also taken the stage with other artists such as James Don and Lincoln Le Fevre (Fell to Erin, The Insiders). The crowd enjoyed her endearing charm and relaxed approach to her music – serious music with a light hearted approach.

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