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About Lewell: Music, i have always thought of as the number-one love in my life. As a kid I taught myself some basic piano from listening to classical music while on holidays at my grandma's. I guess it was at that stage I realized I had a natural ear for music, and from then on I was always either secretly writing songs during my childhood or mucking around with tunes on my Dad's guitar." In 2000, i began to use a computer in my home and discovered computer-based production, as well as the network of resources available via the Internet. I started with Fruity Loops. Influences at the time probably were Armin van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, Ferry Corsten, DJ Tiesto, and Darude. The internet did wonders for me. It meant I could interact with artists all over the world. People I used to keep in contact with (and still do with some), and mostly learn from.
Genre`s : Down Beat,Easy listening, Trance, Dance,Chill out, Ambient and Instrumental.

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