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The "EX" Box Boys music licensing store
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The "EX" Box Boys

About The "EX" Box Boys: The Ex Box Boys are made up of Phil Fischer, Dave Sproul, Bryan Barrows, and Joseph Childres and are four songwriters who have a love for video games. Born from the love of gaming and a dream, literally, P-Box put together a band consisting of members known as P-Box, B-Box, Beat-Box and D-Box. Brandished with paint reminiscent of an avid fan of football, the members of Xbox Boys brandish paint on their faces that is half white and green to illuminate the light of the orb and the prophesies that they carry. More on that story, a bit later. Now before anyone thinks that the names P-Box, B-Box, Beat-Box and D-Box holds names that would make one think that their music sounds like those of beat-box street music. Don't draw those conclusions. The music is more along the lines of good old rock and roll/ with strong pop where they perform songs all about gaming and their favorite gaming console platform, the Xbox. The band is less than two years old and is currently #2 on My space with traffic stats that are off of the charts. The band is NOT affiliated with Microsoft in anyway, and has permission to use the name. The band is currently gearing up for a world tour and a CD release. The songs range from hard rock, to pop, to classical driven love songs

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