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Hamilton The Songwriter

About Hamilton The Songwriter: “What a freak! He is singing into his fist like he is holding a microphone on stage.” I heard a teenager yell as we were waiting at a stop light. OK, so I looked a little weird. There I was, alone in the car, no music on the radio, windows down, singing at the top of my lungs into my fist. What is worse is I do this ALL of the time. What the teenager did not see what that I was holding a digital recorder, and although he could not hear any accompanying music, I heard it clearly in my head.
I see music everywhere in everything. A couple walking and holding hands, a melody starts to play. Two boys kicking a soccer ball back and forth, there goes a rhythm guitar. Pedestrians walking across the street, a drum beat. The wind blowing through the trees, a string quartet. A man mowing his lawn, here come some lyrics. I am a conduit.
I studied classical piano performance in college, listened to jazz, played rock in band, sang to Barney the Purple Dinosaur with my kids when they were young, and now to Nickleback with them as teens, all the while tapping my foot to my wife's country music. I am a musical melting pot!
I hope I was able to serve you the musical soup you are looking for.

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