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Olga Noel & Moscow Grooves Institute music licensing store
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Olga Noel & Moscow Grooves Institute

About Olga Noel & Moscow Grooves Institute: At the end of 1998, Moscow Grooves Institute and the singer Olga Rojdestvenskaya recorded a remake of the old romance "Les Chrysanthemes”. Olga is known for performing the aria of the Mother of God in the remake of the famous rock-opera "Junona and Avos" by Alexey Rybnikoff and a few other projects including her own.

The stylish atmospheric arrangement of the “Les Chrysanthemes” was a phenomenal success. All the filigree vocal and backing vocal parts were arranged and recorded by Olga herself. Shortly after, the French label Pschent released the remake on a compilation "Hotel Costes 3-me etage", the compilations Costes sold 500 000. At the same time Arkady and Boris kept on working actively within Moscow Grooves Institute.

In the spring of 2003 MTV started playing a stylish video of "Chrysanthemum", directed by Ilya Smolin . In April an eight-track maxi-single was released, featuring, besides three "Chrysantemum" remixes, remakes of romances and songs "Ryabina", "Solovushka" and "Waltz".

In September 2003 OFFICIEL released an album dedicated to the 50th edition of the magazine in Russia. It included only the tracks of Olga Rojdestvenskaya and Moscow Grooves Institute. Cult artist ORA ITO, worldwide known as design creator of non-existent things, shaped the cover.

August 2004 was saturated for the joint project with concert activity in Monaco within the cultural action Saint Petersburg days in Monaco and south of France.

In October 2004 the project’s performance took place at Moscow Hermitage Theater. It was dedicated to long-awaited release of the new album named NA ZARE. Bright show, multimedia accompany, modern choreography and surprising musical content became an amazing event of Moscow cultural life.

In October 2004 Citadel Records released a new album of the joint project of Olga Rojdestvenskaya (aka Noel) & Moscow Grooves Institute “Na Zare”. It is a first long-play of the trend project, well known with their first hits in neo-romantic style. It contains electro-versions of traditional songs and romances, themes from Russian and foreign classics and original tracks of the project.

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