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Second Hand Band

About Second Hand Band: In the late 90s after the break of the bands The Mushrooms and Medusa 7, the Russian artist Nikolai Anokhin – creator of the Dub Chairman project - was involved in video art and the special painting technique known as art casting.

He was invited to take part in the exhibition “The Abstract Goals”, which has brought him to the idea of producing music accompaniment that would resonate with his artworks. This approach was named the Visual Dub. Finally a few compositions became a base for the first album “Ancient EP” by the Second Hand Band – a new project. The style of that mini cd is mostly jungle-dub, although the first track “Time For Dub” sounds more like ambient reggae.

In 2000 “Ancient EP” is released by American label Monoscript Records and rapidly finds its fame among the connoisseurs of positive vibrations and the fans of horizontal dance. The Second Hand Band that originally was meant to be a studio project starts its concert activity.

In 2000 Nik Anokhin aka Dub Chairman meets a musician, sound engineer and actor Botsman (Igor Gotsmanov) at the “Cosmos production” studio. The latter was known for his participation in the bands “Wars with salamanders”, “The Avalon”, “The Night Avenue”, “The Intellect Brothers”.

Together the artists create 10 compositions that later were picked up for a new album “Drops” by Second Hand Band, that was also released at Monoscript records. This new cd is mainly dub style, but with a hint of trip-hop. As the authors call it – the dub-hope.

In 2002 the bassist Sergei “Rovny” Belyaev and the guitarist Nail Kuramshin aka KNR joined the band. They changed the sound of the band.

The sample hunter Anokhin (Dubchairman) has created the afrorussian melodic style. Rovny and Nail have made the groovy pulsating base and Bozman was in charge for the sound effects. The sound in general became more clear and easy but filled with new attitude – “ … a mix of endless Jamaican joy and boundless Russian sorrow…”, as defined by the artist D. Ignatov.

The bands next album named “Dubbutterfly” appears on the Moscow record-label Exotica in 2003.

Dubbutterfly - it is the dub, drunk as a midnight moth, that flies from club to club, diligently drinking and smoking and then disappearing at the break of dawn.

In the year 2004 the SHB starts experimenting with the French rhymes and rhythmic raps by Dasha Rodcher.

Three members of the SHBand work on their single projects. Dub Chairman has released “My Planet” on Citadel Records in 2004, Rovny has released a few tracks of his project Invisible Kotcheggars on Shum Records collections, Nail works on his KNR single.

In 2005 the singer and songs writer Aura starts collaborating with the SHB. Together they accomplish the work on another album “Nightingale in a town” released on Citadel records in December 2005. It’s a mix of transcendental lyrics and ambient rhythms. A relaxing and deep meditative experience.

The first live gig introducing this material was given in the Yellow Sea club in Moscow. And shortly afterwards, the SHB made their first European gig in the legendary Cafe Del Mar in Spain . It was a part of the international Lounge music Festival held by Cafe Del Mar in many countries, In 2005 the prize was won by the Second Hand Band, named the Best Lounge Band in Russia. But the SHB themselves describe their style more as ambient dub and trip hop.

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