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About THE HET : THE HET is an exclusive russian electronic project, created by Valery Vasyukov in 1994. The special mark of THE HET is its literal contents usually creating music by means of voice, poetry, samplers, tape-machines in real time.

THE HET cultural and ideological basis has a wide variety of meanings and dynamic comparing the functions of text with the voice. The special about most of Valery’s works is their mystic and authentic message that touches upon the further worlds of the human collective unconsciousness. In 1996-1998 THE HET sounds more like a futuristic sympho-noise with some really groovy text as well.

At the beginning of the 21 century Valery Vasyukov recorded an album “Trinity Creation” (with a musician WJ Axegumator) and an authentic scientific audio treatise “The life after oil”. These recordings can be described as meditative psychedelic landscapes, made according to the author’s low fi technologies.

In 2005 THE HET turns to the modern virtual sound technologies. In 2006 Citadel records released “Down” album that represents the different way of working with sound and style. Hypnotizing hi tech, IDM and very sophisticated electro-trance give the impression of the crystallization of the ideas. The atmosphere of transpersonal mystery in the vibes of minimalism, dub and trance helps the listener to get into very thin astral emanation.

In the latest interview Valery says about “Down”: “I wanted to make a very naive album and it turned out to be so romantic! It has a very special mood”.

In 2006 Valery (THE HET) and a Moscow ambient composer Arkady Marto (famous for such bands as Moscow grooves Institute, Eject Project, 4.33) recorded together a very interesting live album with its audio visual manifest “The movement of not joining”. An hour long recording consists of the recent live performances in Moscow and St Petersburg . This collaboration sounds more like the new wave of Russian cultural Renaissance- fighting against the indifference and narrow-mindity.

The musicians try to create and not to copy creations.

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