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About Alexandroid: Alexandroid was formed in 1996 in St Petersburg by two former members of the first Latvian industrial band called “God’s Delusion”. Name Alexandroid appeared as a combination of the names of the participants of the project - Andrei Antonets and Alexander Matrosov.

Alexandroid was the first to release the vinyl plate on Austrian label Syntactic in 1996. In 2000 they released their first album “God’s Delusion” on St Petersburg label Elektrus. Album had a great success among the music critics and fans of electronic music. In 2001 the project’s second album “Synoptic” was released on Moscow label Art-tek. “Soundtracks” released in 2002 on Moscow label Citadel records, brought to Alexandroid the fame of band that moves Russian electronic music forward. In 2003 on German label K2o (sub label of famous Kanzleramt) came out the cooperative work of Alexandroid and the electronic musician called Lazyfish, who is one of the leading music designers in Europe. The album is called “Os” and is one of the most experimental works of Alexandroid.

In 2003 the jury of RFI music festival in the category ELECTRO appointed Alexandroid as prize-winner. The jury was chaired that year by Laurent Garnier, DJ, producer and founder of the label F Com. Laurent Garnier has selected Alexandroid from over 200 records, which came from 16 countries of Western Europe.

Alexandroid has performed ever since the band was created. Starting their performance in small clubs of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Riga in mid 90’s, and then continue on biggest Russian festivals like East hit, Plug’n’play, Kazantip and others. Alexandroid also performed on festivals in Helsinki, Antwerpen and Monaco.

Their last album “False Starts” was released in 2004 on London label Lorecordings and received lots of positive reviews from music critics, musicians and record labels.

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