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RaBa Mutant

About RaBa Mutant: 1991 was a year of the constructive breakthrough of the industrial Izhevsk. A new music scene was going to appear. People for whom the saying “rock’n’roll is dead” has been banal for many years were inspired by the neo-renaissance of Mute, 4AD, Some Bizzarre, in the ambient of Brian Ino and gothic industrial. Following the example of the bands “Bamboo’s Knock at 11 o’clock”, “Krasivaya prishla”, “SD” that after some changes resulted in “Burunduk Kvartet” and “Soda”, Ivan Balandin and Michail Ryabinin created Rodezia band.

It was playing post–body music (mix of Ministry, Shamen and Tackhead) consisting of sampled rhythms, three guitars, Polivox and voice.
By 1994 three artists had left the band, and its two founders started playing electronic music. They spent two years for rethinking and studying. Michael lived in Moscow and was doing theory and Ivan was making a new studio and creating a new channel for practical purposes.

In summer 1996 Rodezia’s additional project appeared, called RaBa Mutant. For this particular purpose a new label called Izhiza Records was created, that released in 1997 RaBa Mutant’s first album “Cyber kutur” and Rodezia’s last album “Unvisible War”.

In 1999 RaBa Mutant recorded the album “Untitled Beats of Udmurt Republic” which Citadel Records released on the tapes in 2000. One year later the label released the duet’s new material “Neurodrums & Imperial Bassline” on the tapes and CDs. RaBa Mutant’s light extreme and irony going through all these works make the audience love it.

In autumn 2002 the artists released the album “Midish”, “digital mix” as they call it, that was the result of the band’s 10–year work.

At the beginning of 2005 RaBa Mutant fifth album “Kaiserwasser” appeared that was the fourth release made at Citadel Records.

It is difficult to put RM’s music in the stylistic framework – whether it is techno, break beat, house or something else, it is always original and high technological. The band is appreciated by many critics who compare its sounds with Left Field, Underworld, Orbital and just say that it is “electro–pop of the future”.

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