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About ImpSage: My specialization is electro rock and film score instrumentals. Work in other genres/areas: Pop, Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Caribbean, Trance and classical. Do a little photo editing on the side. like to explore the city [Toronto], playing the guitar when I can, playing tricks on bad people, black, incense and basically everything. Goals and Aspirations? Well right now I'm pumping out these short little instrumental things like crazy and am prepared to work on film scoring, full song production and any other sexual/musical projects anyone is willing to suck me into or I choose. What makes me unique? Well I'm doing all this stuff not to make fans or loads of money...just want to rock in the ways I know how to :D. Ummmm...kind of just following my own style here...making this music on my computer + guitar (no purely guitar stuff uploaded yet)...yea...if you have a name for this sound apart from love kitten panda dancehall...let me know. Don't enjoy! Go away and watch TV! grrr.

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