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For Wishes

About For Wishes: For Wishes is the brain child of songwriter and musician Steve Swartz. From minimal folk-inspired ambience to darker, more turbulent rock outings, the sound of For Wishes is a collage of musical textures and rhythms both intimate and sprawling.

The group started out as a side project involving members of the band Au Revoir Borealis. Where Au Revoir’s music featured large arrangements and thickly layered guitars, For Wishes’ sound favors a quieter and more stripped down acoustic approach. As Au Revoir Borealis’ activity decreased over time, For Wishes became Steve’s main musical outlet.

“I Will Burn Your Winter” is an album that explores the idea of dismantling the obstacles that make life cold and harrowing. Doubt, long-suffering, elation, pain, joy and redemption all find their way into the fabric of each song. Ultimately, faith, hope and love win against all and ‘I Will Burn Your Winter’ chronicles some of the various forms that these elements take on.

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