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Brad Hord

About Brad Hord: A small town in North Carolina could never be mistaken as the New Age or World Music mecca of the world. Just as Brad Hord never dreamed he would be writing and recording music in those genres. His formal training began at an early age in piano, but he was always drawn towards the drums and percussion. He convinced his parents that that was where his heart was and mercifully the piano lessons ceased. Through the early years and through college Brad played everything from Rock to Blues to Progressive. He was greatly influenced by the Fusion artists of the 70's and early 80's like Return To Forever, Billy Cobham and Larry Coryell.

During all those years, Brad did use the keyboard for composing. And a few years ago, he finally realized that he truly enjoyed it. In his words he says, "I just grew into it. I couldnt tolerate the constraints of the formal training, but deep inside I've always enjoyed composing. As far as New Age and World Music, I think I grew into that as well. At this time in my life, it just gives me what I need."

Brad's music features African,Mideastern and Native American percussion and is rich with soft synths, piano and strings, as well as driving rhythms and soaring melodies.

Brad is a very visual artist and his music lends itself to the enhancement of any film experience in any genre--------------------Enjoy!!!

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